Why Pomeranians Are Perfect Pets

1. They are loving
2.They are very smart and trainable
3. They are lifelong companions
4. They can be dressed up
5. They are chick/men magnets
6. They don’t eat much
7. They don’t require much walking
8. Their small size makes them easy to travel
9. They barely shed 
10. They have many different “hair” styles
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Sold: October update

Clay, George Bentley, ReRe and Lucy will be going later this week! Here are some details about them.

Bentley found his forever home finally he had been reposed because his first family didn’t take care of him. For various reasons he was not a show specimen.

Clay he had no testicles. However, he is a beautiful dog!

ReRe – I have high hopes for she was too little to breed. Being timid in the show ring had earned points toward her championship.

Lucy is 10 months old and a beautiful red sable.

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