I had never owned a dog until I was 21. I have been in love ever since. I started showing Malamutes within 6 months of getting my first one; it was in no way or shape a show dog and may have been a mix at best. I went on to learn sledding, obedience then conformation. For several years, I showed professionally. Then one day, a fellow handler asked me to show a pom. I have been hooked ever since. Within 3 months I was a toy dog person all the way. Now I breed and have 2 or 3 handlers showing the dogs. That was a hard decision because I love the ring. Now, I just train my pomeranians for my handlers.

My philosophy is I will never sell a show prospect that I would not be willing to handle my self. I also don’t show puppies as a general rule. I want them to be loved and played with, they have plenty of time to be adults. The Pomeranians that I put in the ring are at least 18 months old most are at least 2 years old. No one goes to the kennel (which is conveniently next door) until they are 6 months old; until then, they are my babies.

The poms have ¼ acre to run and play on with a heated and cooled building (visit Abbapoola Bed and Bone). I have runs with them, unless someone is really bad. Overall, they get to run free and play. Breeding pairs are kept next to each other (absence makes the heart grow fonder) until I breed them.

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Tammy and Poms

I hope you enjoy looking around my site and seeing all of my children. I raise them in my home right next to my bed. I can sleep through a whining puppy but Shawn my husband can’t. Oh well, after 25 years, he just rolls over.

If you’re interested in an Abbapoola Pomeranian, please contact me at Tammy [at] abbapoolapoms.com or sometimes, I have a few of them at my retail store Bark ‘n Meow in Johns Island, SC.